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Who's Hughes Who?

We're a team of talented game developers, artists, animators, writers, musicians, graphic designers and inventors, each with over a decade of gaming, animation and advertising experience. Lead by Co-founders Darryl Hughes and Edye Deloch-Hughes.


Our Mission

Hughes Who Technologies (“Hughes Who” say it 5 times fast :- ) Not just a tongue twister, Hughes Who is a social enterprise that is demanding, creative & game development professionals combining technology & games.

                                               “We’re the Eli Lilly for 3D Virtual Reality“

We are using 3D/AI/VR along with game theory (gamification) as a form of digital therapy whereby we are augmenting peoples minds and motor skills through gameplay. With a shared virtual experience environment and stimulating new ways for patient and therapist to engage with behavioral mental health issues and PTSD issues for veterans.

"Don't just  Play the Game, Get in the Game"

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Client List

We boast a variety of clientele that represents the gaming, advertising, educational film and video industry


1. Kennedy-King College


2 Sci-Tech Museum


2. DGN Games


3. DuPage NAACP


4. Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA)


5. Liminal VR


6. DePaul University


7. Multimedia Games (Everi)


8. Avlon Industries


9. DuSable Museum


10. Office Max


11 Chartwell Technologies


12. Chicago Inventors Organization


13. U.S. Foods

14. Atronics/Spielo

15. Unidesa/Cirsa Games



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