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Hughes Who HTML 5 Game Engine

Our own custom game engine (IP) using JavaScript / WebGL for browser games. This is a simple demo showing the menu system, 3D and 2D physics.  Several iterations and configurations of our HTML 5 game platform.

When the game loads you can play either our The Big Playback Slot Game with real math, original art and music (you can also change your pays by clicking on the total bet arrows and gaf the game by touching either the top or bottom of each reel).


Pachinko Game play-testing our game engine physics. Click on the screen where you want the shapes to fall.

We also have the Wheel Game as well, for single or multiple plays.


You can play all 3 games from this one link. Hit Esc. to go back to the main menu to play another game. The game engine is available for licensing.

Hughes Who Technologies Game Engine.png
Orbital  Uprising VR Game

We have a Partnership with Liminal VR in Australia and in tandem with them developing a virtual reality experience game (Energy) to empower people to change how they want to feel (depression) throughout the day. Click on the image to view first beta of game. Our goal is to create health and wellness games that will help people and veterans with mental health issues and PTSD.

Spin Till You Win.png
Old Vegas Slots

Created over 50 slot games for DGN Games in which they became Facebook 2014 Best Games of the Year and we helped them sell their company for 27 million!

Click image to play sample "Spin to You Win" gameplay

Draco's Fire

Our online slot game created for Chartwell Technologies in Alberta Canada. It's an original game design concept, math model and music. The game is featured online in the U.K. for real money.

Click button to play the original bonus game music

Click on image to go to the site for game review!


Is an in-house original faith-based real-time 3D game concept that Hughes Who is currently working on as an Indie game. The game is being built in Unity.

Click button to play the original fight bonus music

Click on image to see opening promo and demo gameplay.

DuSable Exploration 3D Educational Game

First level of a real-time 3D game demo created for the DuSable Museum to present to educators at the Chicago Public Schools. Its purpose was to demonstrate the effectiveness of games as a teaching tool to students in primary grades. We created this level in 12 weeks using Unity. The demo game's exploratory features allowed students to discover hidden historical information as they explore the open world environment.

Click on image to see demo game play.

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