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Hughes Who Technologies Studio:

Our Mission STEAM: Hughes Who Technologies Studio is a non-for-profit organization of Hughes Who Technologies, that uses art, technology and gaming to enhance the academic, social and creative skills of at-risk youth; and prepares young adults for future employment in the gaming industry. Our motto: “Don’t just play the game, get in the game.”

What We Do! 

Hughes Who Technologies Studio is committed to raising the percentage of the under-served in the diversity-lacking gaming industry by raising awareness of opportunities and exposing students to the fundamentals of game design, animation, art and other technologies through our STEAM workshops and apprenticeship program.

Our Workshops

Hughes Who Technologies Studio workshops infuse art and creativity into the STEM experience through gaming and animation workshops conducted at schools, churches, museums, or other organizations. Students learn how to use the most important computer they possess - their brains - to produce game ideas, characters, and animation videos. They also learn beginning coding and create simple games through programs such as Scratch™ and Unity™. These workshops promote critical thinking, collaboration, writing , artistic and presentation skills. It can help reinforce your current curriculum which is especially beneficial to those who learn differently.


Our Apprenticeship Program

Hughes Who Technologies Studio Apprenticeship Program offers a comprehensive real world game development studio curriculum to under-served high school and young adults. Its mission is to let young people know there’s more to gaming than being a player.


Game Development Studio

For ages 16 -young adult Where creativity meets technology! Hughes Who will expose apprentices to the business of gaming, gamification, real world game design, and portfolio development so they will be better prepared to pursue a career-focused interest in gaming. These students will work with professionals to develop original concepts and educational games as well as 3D VR game experiences such as those that address veterans’ challenges with PTSD.


Contact Us:

For more information and registration contact: Edye Deloch-Hughes, 708-203-2830 or Darryl Hughes, 773-710-4732. Or email us at:

DuPage NAACP Gaming Workshop

Students learn how to:  Brainstorm ideas, Design their own board games, write original game concepts, learn beginning coding and create simple games through the Scratch™ program and more advanced games using Unity™ game engine.

Sci-Tech Museum Animation Workshop

Students learn how to: Create a flip book animation, design cartoon characters, create stop motion animation with cut-outs, and with physical characters, as well as 2D drawn animation. 

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